Boost of confidence

I would like to thank you for imparting a lot of useful communication tips with me and helping me to boost my confidence in public speaking.
Once again, thank you for imparting to us those useful tips and techniques which will assist us all in becoming more effective communicators.

Doing wonders for me

Thanks for your advice. Boy the class really doing wonders for me. My approach has changed. I am in control when I am on stage. Thank you.

The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable

This public speaking course was most informative and helped me discover the personal areas that I needed to work on. The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable and freely shares his wisdom and expertise and provides positive reinforcement. He offers tips, techniques, and exercises that have been extremely beneficial in improving my speaking skills and overall interaction with others.

A wonderful experience

Thanks so much for all your assistance, suggestions and advice. The course was a wonderful experience. You are a great teacher. I have started using some of your ideas in my presentations. Good luck in all your future endeavours.

Deeply appreciated

Despite my hesitancy at the beginning of the course, as you are well aware, the course was truly worthwhile. Thanks Mr King, for all the guidance and advice provided, it is deeply appreciated.

Feeling like a better person

Since I have met a wonderful person like you and your great teachings and techniques I am really feeling like a better person and a much more powerful man. Thanks a lot.

Made me aware of things I need to improve on

Going through the sessions made me aware of things that I need to improve on and things that I need  to eliminate.
I was always a person to hide in the background, but since doing the program I am now more inclined to not be in the back or even mingle with the crowd, I want to be up front.
Thank you Mr, Garfield, continue the good work.

It was life changing for me

Although this course was a basic one, it was life changing for me. The skills I attained have helped me to battle and maybe overcome that fear of public speaking. I have learnt to structure my speech, how to connect with my audience, how to command my space and how to deliver.
But what I benefited the most from this course, was self confidence. I know I have the potential to achieve  so much more in life and also to reach out to more hurting people. Fear has kept me down for a long time, but no more. Thank you again Mr.King. May God bless you.

I felt so much more able and confident

I had to make a presentation to an important corporate client so I tried to remember all the stuff you shared with us and was able to apply most of it.  My boss said the feedback she received was all positive and they were impressed by the presentation and how the Q & A session was handled.  So this was my “big” test since our presentation skills sessions and I really felt so much more able and confident.
I was amazed at the fact that even though it was a tough crowd I maintained my composure and was really able to hold my ground and sound intelligent!  Thanks so much for helping me become a better, more confident person.

I moved one step closer to my dreams

I feel much better about myself since I started this class.
I’m so happy I moved one step closer to my dreams by doing this course. Thank you so much.