Very informative and full of life

I am very grateful to you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share the knowledge that you have attained and for encouraging and guiding us.
I really did appreciate and enjoy your session. You kept me alert and I’m sure everyone else thought the same.
It was very informative and full of life, with the added touch of humour.
Thank you Mr. King. I wish you every good success in your future endeavours.
You will make a very effective Lecturer, Tutor, Coach.

Learnt a lot

Thank you. I have learnt a lot from the course and it has been an honour working with you.

Helped me communicate better at work and in personal life

This course was a life changing experience for me, it has helped me communicate better both in my personal life and the work environment. The course has thought me the importance of body language, eye contact, breathing and connecting with my audience when making presentations.
Mr King has shown me that communicating is not as difficult as many of us think it is.

Helped strengthen my self-esteem

It was a very interesting class; learnt a lot. It helped strengthen my self-esteem. I learnt to speak bravely and loud which captures a lot of attention. Thank you Mr. Garfield K.

Would greatly assist me in my work environment and personal life

The information delivered, in my opinion, was very relevant and would greatly assist me in my work environment and personal life. I signed up for the course in order to overcome my fear of public speaking. However, I learned a lot more that will greatly enrich my personal development.

Thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this course

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this course. Despite my fear of the video sessions, I believe they were key to my progress over the last few weeks. Additionally, the pace of the class and the structure of the lessons which built upon previous classes was excellent.

Gave me a lot of motivation

Mr King’s approach is very practical. He is not afraid to point out your weaknesses but at the same time he’s immensely keen on helping you to turn them into strength. Taking his course gave me a lot of motivation to continue towards achieving the goals I set in life.

Techniques that would improve your presentation in front of an audience

Making the decision to take this course was long overdue and I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery. Mr. King has a wealth of knowledge in this field and he always made time to share techniques that would improve your presentation in front of an audience. I will definitely be putting what I learnt into practice and look forward to further development as a communicator!