Garfield is an experienced trainer and a professional resource in the training and coaching industry. He has conducted public speaking/communication training for Government ministries, Private Sector Organisations and NGOs.  

As a personal communication coach, he has worked with corporate executives, diplomats, professionals, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, educators and university students. He has also lectured and conducted workshops throughout the Caribbean, the U.K. as well as India.

During his 40 years in broadcasting he has produced programmes on various topics including health, business, parenting, communication, motivation, education and entertainment.

As a trainer Garfield assists individuals in finding their Voice to better express themselves and communicate their ideas.

If you require information on training classes or just want to get in touch, please click over to the >>contact page<<.

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  1. Antonel John says:

    Seek information on this course Public speaking and presentation skills.

  2. Garfield King says:

    Hello Antonel, thanks for your interest. I have emailed you relevant info.

  3. Kevin Bhagaloo says:

    Good day,

    Was going through your page here after listening to your advertisement on the radio station. I was just wondering if you have any sort of vacancies or so where I am interested in participating in your programs?

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