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Absolutely enjoyable and enriching!

I joined the SPARKS program already having some experience in the public speaking space but after the weeks I shared with my cohort; my entire perspective of public speaking was expanded and enlightened.

The program administrators, Mr. & Mrs. King have a profound understanding of the nature of their subject matter and of people. This enables them to teach in a professional, personalized and empathetic way that in my opinion, energizes students and solidifies their teaching.

From the first session I felt welcomed, heard and valued and this remained the case throughout the program. As for the tools, techniques and knowledge that I learnt during our time together, I have incorporated them into my day-to-day communication and continue to feel and see their positive effect.

I would gladly recommend this program or any program offered by this dynamic duo to persons who want to grow in communication and in character.

Savion Burke

Prepare to be challenged!

If you were thinking this was just your everyday run-of-the-mill public speaking course, think again. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The course is not intimidating but engendered in a manner that allows each student to be introspective and to easily assimilate into the course content.

Mr. King has a hands-on approach designed in such a way that it encourages the student to want to be better and delve deeper into the course.

The course is well organized and paced to ensure and account for each student’s learning capabilities.

Heidi W.

An uplifting environment for persons to grow and truly develop

This exceptional SPARKS course will positively impact your life!

Not only do Barbara and Garfield provide tools and guide you along the course, they also empower and encourage participants to present weekly and give feedback as well. This really puts into practice what you have been learning throughout the course.

The classes provide a safe, uplifting environment for persons to grow and truly develop their individual communication styles.

I really learnt a lot in this short course and would highly recommend the SPARKS course to anyone who wants to improve communication and enhance their confidence when speaking.

Sastee K.

Beneficial in enhancing my confidence and self-development

I would recommend this course to everyone regardless of your profession as we all need to communicate in our daily lives.

Both Garfield and Barbara are seasoned experts and true professionals in this field, and they are extremely open with the wealth of information that they share on a weekly basis.

They challenge you to be the best communicator that you can be, encourage you to focus on your strengths, and be your authentic self. I also found this course to be beneficial in enhancing my confidence and self-development.

Thanks again and to all my classmates, it was truly a pleasure interacting with you on a weekly basis and seeing everyone grow and progress.

Aneesia A.

This course will yield dividends for a lifetime!

When I signed up for the SPARKS course, I anticipated a sequence of sessions that would help to guide my public speaking abilities. However, what I received from the course was much more than that.

I met some very distinguished facilitators with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge who guided my development as an individual in just 6 weeks. I also met some colleagues along the journey who also helped to enhance the experience.

Each week I saw growth in myself and others and in the end, I wanted to become a better person and help others do the same. I would recommend the SPARKS Course to everyone wanting to develop their communication skills and their own professional development.

A small investment in your personal growth by doing this course will yield dividends for a lifetime! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Joanne Smith

A complete eye-opener

This course was a complete eye-opener and great foundation on the topic of communicating with audiences both on personal and professional levels.

The art of communicating and the tools needed to garner interest from audiences were laid out beautifully in this course. Tip sheets and honest feedback after each session were delivered in timely fashion. And with each session I noted my improvements. I learnt a lot within this short space of time, from articulation, projection and most importantly being honest in the message which I intend to disseminate.

The atmosphere which was conducive with learning felt comfortable and comforting.
Much thanks Garfield and Barbara

Denyse Renne

This is a wonderful course

I have seen an improvement in my day-to-day communication and the ability to express myself with emotion. I am more mindful of my breathing and pronunciation of words.

This is a wonderful course and is applicable to more than just communicating with others but more importantly, communicating with oneself.

Gabriel Gomez

I feel much more confident speaking

This course has encouraged me to look within myself and identify my own internal anxiety. Facing this, helped me face my fear of communication and speaking in public.

I now am not as concerned of what persons are thinking about me or how I am perceived, but rather on the message I have to communicate.

I feel much more confident speaking and addressing crowds whether small groups or larger ones. I understand clearly how to put to together an effective presentation whilst being engaging at the same time.

Justine D.

More than a Public Speaking Communication Course

This was more than a communication and public speaking course as it delved deep into some areas of self-development that I didn’t come prepared to address and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks

Mtima Solwazi, ROOTS Foundation

The best investment I have made towards my personal development

Before I joined the ‘SPARKS’ Public Speaking class, I was anxious when I had to speak in formal settings to the point that I would forget what I wanted to say.

One aspect of the SPARKS class that I liked was the practicality of the class in which I had to give presentations in every class session. I then realised that this practise was the key to being better in public speaking.

With each consecutive presentation, I felt at ease when sharing my stories to others. The advice and class presentations tutored by Barbara and Garfield helped me tremendously to face my challenges head-on and thus lead me to be a better speaker. I am now confident when it comes to speaking in a formal setting and any other setting, and I will now even volunteer myself to speak; something that I would have never done before SPARKS!

This was the best investment I have made towards my personal development; being a part of the SPARKS February 2020 class!!!

Amelia D.

Dedication and passion for what you do and commitment to students.

The training provided was tremendous, and our virtual sessions during the peak of the pandemic displayed your dedication and passion for what you do and your commitment to your students.

Avian F.

A true game changer!

This is an investment of a lifetime, guaranteed returns forever. You will never open your mouth to speak ever again without true consideration and appreciation for those with whom you are communicating.

You will leave this course, not only as a certified public speaker but with the added bonus of always being conscious of the power and value your words have in them if executed properly. I fully endorse this course.

Shaanta J. R.




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