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The best investment I have made towards my personal development

Before I joined the ‘SPARKS’ Public Speaking class, I was anxious when I had to speak in formal settings to the point that I would forget what I wanted to say.

One aspect of the SPARKS class that I liked was the practicality of the class in which I had to give presentations in every class session. I then realised that this practise was the key to being better in public speaking.

With each consecutive presentation, I felt at ease when sharing my stories to others. The advice and class presentations tutored by Barbara and Garfield helped me tremendously to face my challenges head-on and thus lead me to be a better speaker. I am now confident when it comes to speaking in a formal setting and any other setting, and I will now even volunteer myself to speak; something that I would have never done before SPARKS!

This was the best investment I have made towards my personal development; being a part of the SPARKS February 2020 class!!!

Amelia D.

Dedication and passion for what you do and commitment to students.

The training provided was tremendous, and our virtual sessions during the peak of the pandemic displayed your dedication and passion for what you do and your commitment to your students.

Avian F.

A true game changer!

This is an investment of a lifetime, guaranteed returns forever. You will never open your mouth to speak ever again without true consideration and appreciation for those with whom you are communicating.

You will leave this course, not only as a certified public speaker but with the added bonus of always being conscious of the power and value your words have in them if executed properly. I fully endorse this course.

A true game changer!

Shaanta J. R.

The programme was directly beneficial to my work and has improved my skills

Although the programme was about public speaking, it had a bigger benefit for me by sharpening my oral and writing communication skills, learning what details are irrelevant for the audience and hence making my message clearer and actionable.

Six months later I can attest that the programme was directly beneficial to my work and has improved my skills as a public servant.

Thank you!

Anesa A.R.

I feel empowered and I want to share this experience with others.

It was indeed a divine and absolutely rewarding experience being taught by you on how to be an effective communicator.

Thank you for being honest and very patient with me as well as tremendously encouraging. Also as a future music educator, I believe this course has helped me to understand better how to actually share and deliver in detail, the lessons I will have to impart to others. Presently it has already begun to change the way I direct the choir I serve with at church.

Even in my every day encounters with people I am more aware of my body language being more in sync with how I say, what I say.

I know this is just the beginning of such an exciting journey in my life. I feel empowered and I want to share this experience with others. I have always wanted to be a “good message” but did not know how.

Marsha J.W.

I am more conscious of how I speak and the way I express myself.

I am thoroughly satisfied that I took the opportunity to invest in myself and did this course which has changed my outlook on public speaking. What I thought was a natural trait turned out to be simply raw talent that needed to be fine-tuned. Now I am more conscious of how I speak and the way I express myself.

Ridje B.

Would recommend for beginners as well as a refresher for those familiar with public speaking.

The facilitator, Mr. Garfield King was practical in his approach and engaging in the delivery of this course. All the necessary tools were provided, but the true grit of this course was the practice and application of the material provided. One became comfortable with being uncomfortable. One is encouraged to speak about oneself honestly. It was difficult yet humanising. I additionally appreciated the weekly speaking time which was filmed, reviewed and discussed. All the feedback provided was useful and positive.

The Art of Public Speaking is an excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who is uncomfortable with speaking.
I think that persons who are familiar with public speaking should also do this course as it would serve as a great refresher.

Anastasia T.

More than public speaking
You were an outstanding facilitator and my attitude to everything in life regarding preparation was changed for the better from this course.
This course was not only about public speaking, but more so communication, effective communication. And on the foundation that was prepared for me by you, Mr. King, I will surely build a fantastic house.

Stefan T.

Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve communication skills
I have discovered I can openly speak to an audience without feeling timid and I can pronounce my words better when I practice breathing. I have to continue to open my mouth as well. The different tongue exercises were interesting. I continue to practice my exercises and try to avoid doing hand signals because it can really be distracting.
You have taught me a lot. I do not regret doing this course.

I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their communication skills take this course.

Thank you for helping me gain my confidence Mr Garfield.

Maxine P.

My ideas are more structured. The opening lines to my speeches are more memorable than ever before
Do you know what it feels like to have something important to say but not the right words to get your message heard? That’s me. Disappointed by the status quo yet appreciative of those who are already trying to change it, I’m finding my voice. I want to be included in the discussions at the top.

That’s all seeming possible now with Garfield’s help. I feel more confident in my choice of words. Comfortable giving pause as I think. And forgiving myself when I stumble – I am after all still a learner.

What can I say about Garfield and his work with me? I feel bolder each time we speak. My ideas are more structured. And the opening lines to my speeches are more memorable than ever before, so much so that a member of my audience said she’d be using my line in her next talk!

Rhonda B.

Magnificently tailored sessions
If you are looking for a genuine lecturer who is knowledgeable, positive, patient, attentive, motivational and experienced in their field this is a one stop shop.

The sessions are magnificently tailored to bring out your true abilities, incorporating various communication strategies and techniques for an effective mind blowing heartfelt audience experience!

Definitely signing up for the advanced then leadership sessions, please God!

Dion Kern Honore

A valuable experience
On reflection, I can say that a good presentation does not just happen. It takes a lot of research and preparation. I certainly learned a lot about the content, design and delivery of a presentation.

Not to mention, Mr. King was an excellent facilitator and engaged his audience thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

Susan M.

Making people the best communicators they can be
Garfield transformed the way I communicate with people. His focus on developing me, to be the best communicator I could possibly be, did wonders for my confidence.

His message of authentic communication and that people really want to see and hear from you, the you on the inside and not a projected image of who you are, put me at ease.

Garfield has taught me techniques to connect with people, how to listen compassionately, and to focus on the audience. But best of all, he has turned this shy, introvert into someone who can confidently walk into a room and strike up a conversation with a stranger!

Analise K.

This course has been a blessing to me
I have learnt from the course that whether I am speaking to 1 or 100 persons I am having a conversation with them and what hooks them is a true story that they can relate to. Also, whenever I am feeling fearful, I try to remember that fear is feeling excited and ready.

Thank you for helping me build my self-esteem and confidence.

Sharon M.

Helps you to get in touch with who you really are
Instead of being fearful to speak you learn to manage your fear and harness your adrenalin to improve your presentations. The transformation I have seen in people doing this course is amazing. The programme helps you to get in touch with who you really are. It has helped to build my confidence and self-esteem.

Rajwantia Mc.

Improved most of my interactions
Thank you for grooming me for speaking in a presentation forum and for the additional bits that have proven to improve most of my interactions.

Sandy S.

Skills in public speaking with simultaneous personal development
The public speaking course offered at IBC and facilitated by Mr. Garfield King definitely surpassed my expectations. My goal to develop pertinent skills in public speaking was additionally enhanced by Mr. King’s hands-on approach and insightful critique.

The classes were interactive and very interesting. I would recommend this course for anyone desirous of acquiring skills in public speaking with simultaneous personal development.

Karena S.

Lessons that I will take with me throughout my lifetime
This public speaking course was to me a life class. I learned many lessons that I will take with me throughout my lifetime.

Mr. King is an excellent teacher. He makes everyone feel comfortable and intelligent. He encourages your point of view. You learn to appreciate others. You understand how easy it is to misinterpret messages or be misunderstood.

It will be a positive skill to acquire to help not only with public speaking, but communicating with family members as well.

Jenny-lyn Evelyn

Techniques that would improve your presentation in front of an audience
Making the decision to take this course was long overdue and I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery. Mr. King has a wealth of knowledge in this field and he always made time to share techniques that would improve your presentation in front of an audience. I will definitely be putting what I learnt into practice and look forward to further development as a communicator!

Rishi M.

This course is a life changer!
Mr. King created an environment that recognized each person as having their own unique contribution to make to the world. I felt comfortable making mistakes as it all added value to my learning experience. His practical approach and real-life examples were priceless.

I would recommend Mr. King without reservation as one of the best public speaking coaches in his field.

R. Huggins

Gave me a lot of motivation
Mr. King’s approach is very practical. He is not afraid to point out your weaknesses, but at the same time he’s immensely keen on helping you to turn them into strength. Taking this course gave me a lot of motivation to continue towards achieving the goals I set in life.


Showed me the things that I did incorrectly and challenged me to do better
I enjoyed discovering more of the art of communication. This course showed me the things that I did incorrectly and challenged me to do better by practising daily what was shared.
Thank you for the experience.

Alana R.

It has taught me how to become a better speaker
I enjoyed everything about this public speaking class. It has taught me how to become a better speaker. I will implement all of what I have learnt in my future presentations.

Indra S.

Thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this course
I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this course. Despite my fear of the video sessions, I believe they were key to my progress over the last few weeks. Additionally, the pace of the class and the structure of the lessons which built upon previous classes was excellent.

Karen Mc.

Would greatly assist me in my work environment and personal life
The information delivered, in my opinion, was very relevant and would greatly assist me in my work environment and personal life. I signed up for the course in order to overcome my fear of public speaking. However, I learned a lot more that will greatly enrich my personal development.

Verlene B.

Helped Strengthen my self-esteem
It was a very interesting class; learnt a lot. It helped strengthen my self-esteem. I learnt to speak bravely and loud which captures a lot of attention. Thank you Mr. Garfield K.

Sadna G.

Helped me communicate better at work and in personal life
This course was a life-changing experience for me, it has helped me communicate better both in my personal life and the work environment. The course has thought me the importance of body language, eye contact, breathing and connecting with my audience when making presentations.

Mr King has shown me that communicating is not as difficult as many of us think it is.

Donna J.

Learnt a lot
Thank you. I have learnt a lot from the course and it has been an honour working with you.

Simone H.

It was very informative and full of life
I am very grateful to you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share the knowledge that you have attained and for encouraging and guiding us.
I really did appreciate and enjoy your session. You kept me alert and I’m sure everyone else thought the same. It was very informative and full of life, with the added touch of humour.

Thank you Mr. King. I wish you every good success in your future endeavours. You will make a very effective Lecturer, Tutor, Coach.

Avalon K.

I moved one step closer to my dreams
I feel much better about myself since I started this class.
I’m so happy I moved one step closer to my dreams by doing this course. Thank you so much.

Anica S.

I felt so much more able and confident
I had to make a presentation to an important corporate client so I tried to remember all the stuff you shared with us and was able to apply most of it. My boss said the feedback she received was all positive and they were impressed by the presentation and how the Q & A session was handled. So this was my “big” test since our presentation skills sessions and I really felt so much more able and confident.

I was amazed at the fact that even though it was a tough crowd I maintained my composure and was really able to hold my ground and sound intelligent! Thanks so much for helping me become a better, more confident person.

Kowsil D.

It was life-changing for me
Although this course was a basic one, it was life-changing for me. The skills I attained have helped me to battle and maybe overcome that fear of public speaking. I have learnt to structure my speech, how to connect with my audience, how to command my space and how to deliver.

But what I benefited the most from this course, was self-confidence. I know I have the potential to achieve so much more in life and also to reach out to more hurting people. Fear has kept me down for a long time, but no more. Thank you again Mr.King. May God bless you.

Danielle P.

Made me aware of things I need to improve on
Going through the sessions made me aware of things that I need to improve on and things that I need to eliminate.
I was always a person to hide in the background, but since doing the program I am now more inclined to not be in the back or even mingle with the crowd, I want to be up front.
Thank you Mr, Garfield, continue the good work.

Cherry-Ann B.

Feeling like a better person
Since I have met a wonderful person like you and your great teachings and techniques I am really feeling like a better person and a much more powerful man. Thanks a lot.

Rajiv P.

Deeply appreciated
Despite my hesitancy at the beginning of the course, as you are well aware, the course was truly worthwhile. Thanks Mr. King, for all the guidance and advice provided, it is deeply appreciated.

Nandi O.

A wonderful experience
Thanks so much for all your assistance, suggestions and advice. The course was a wonderful experience. You are a great teacher. I have started using some of your ideas in my presentations. Good luck in all your future endeavours.

Sandra B.

The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable
This public speaking course was most informative and helped me discover the personal areas that I needed to work on. The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable and freely shares his wisdom and expertise and provides positive reinforcement. He offers tips, techniques, and exercises that have been extremely beneficial in improving my speaking skills and overall interaction with others.

Marsha R.G.

Doing wonders for me
Thanks for your advice. Boy the class really doing wonders for me. My approach has changed. I am in control when I am on stage. Thank you.

Desmond C.

Boost of confidence
I would like to thank you for imparting a lot of useful communication tips with me and helping me to boost my confidence in public speaking.

Once again, thank you for imparting to us those useful tips and techniques which will assist us all in becoming more effective communicators.

Aneesia A.

Has paid so many dividends already
Your class has paid so many dividends already. I gave the message in church Sunday gone and I have gotten such great reactions from members of my congregation. They’ve all commented that my messages have gotten better and that I am connecting in an even greater way now than I have been in the past. This is due in no small part to the training I received with you.

I keep working on and employing the techniques I learnt, and it has worked wonders. So far so good and I am happy with the progress I have made.

Attish K.

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