Pointing out what’s wrong is easy, but what are we doing to make it better?

It’s not easy these days and it can be a real struggle to find positive stuff to keep you going.

While we’re here – Ever noticed how some folks only focus on how bad things are? They do not raise a finger to make things better, but they will stand on the sidelines hoping that others fail so they can bark, “I told you so!”

Pointing out what’s wrong is easy… there’s lots to choose from. But what are we going to do about it? We can choose to label all the negative stuff as reality, refuse to explore the positive options and proclaim that the situation is hopeless.

Or … We can see the challenges, admit they are pulling us down, but also embrace the fact that we are not powerless. From that vantage point we focus on seeking solutions.

A positive outlook does not blind us to reality. It sharpens and clarifies our vision, enabling us to see more possibilities while recognising our power.

With a clearer vision and mind open to endless possibilities, what will you do to make things better?