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Our training is designed to work from the inside out. We have seen that such an approach enables an individual to develop skills that enhance interpersonal communication in the workplace and in personal life.

We use an effective combination of proven broadcast training, video reviews, experiential learning, Appreciative Inquiry, Technologies of Participation and theatrical techniques, along with a down to earth business-focused approach to help participants develop skills that could last a lifetime.

Individual Customised Communication Coaching is also an option
This type of interaction helps you to express yourself and communicate at your best, whether for day-to-day purposes, to improve your presentation skills or in preparation for a keynote event.

57 Responses to Training, Presenting & Coaching

  1. interested says:

    I have immense fear when public speaking. do u have classes that can help? I am from central trinidad

  2. Garfield King says:

    Thanks for dropping by. Certainly. There are a number of training options, including an introduction course to public speaking and presentation skills. Dealing with the fear of speaking in public is a topic explored. Courses are conducted in North, Central and South Trinidad. I’ll email you with more details.

  3. Natalie Cummings says:

    Good afternoon Mr. King, I have an eleven year old daughter who will be entering Secondary School in September. I am interested in having her attend training in public speaking. Do you have sessions for kids her age? if not can you recommend an institution?



  4. Garfield King says:

    Hello Natalie, thanks for your enquiry. Occasionally young teenagers will accompany their parents to our training and take part in the sessions, unfortunately I do not have any programmes for children your daughter’s age. I will be putting systems in place next year to make this possible.
    Meanwhile, may I suggest you check out the vacation camps that will be running during the long break. It is possible some of them may offer very basic training in debating and public speaking.

  5. Shelly says:

    Need to enroll in this secession as i am in a leadership position in my organization and I need to gain confidence be more articulate, make my presentations flow and learn how to know when to elevate and drop my voice.

    when next are you having a secession. looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Garfield King says:

    Hello Shelly, thanks for getting in touch. A round of training sessions in Port of Spain, Chaguanas and San Fernando two weeks ago. The next round is likely to start end October, early November. I’ll contact you shortly via email with some more information.

  7. Jason says:

    I am really interested in improving my presentation and speaking skills, please email the deatils

  8. Garfield King says:

    Thanks for your enquiry. I’ll be in touch

  9. Serg says:

    I am from San Fernando and I have been trying to enroll in a public speaking class for quite sometime. I’ve reached a stage in my life where it is necessary that I build my confidence in public speaking. Please assist.

  10. Garfield King says:

    Thanks for your enquiry. I will contact you via your email.

  11. Sasha says:

    Hi, I’m interested in learning to get over my fear of speaking in front of a crowd and improve my presentation skills.

  12. Garfield King says:

    Thanks for your enquiry. I will contact you via your email. Regards Garfield

  13. Brian says:

    Interested in publice speaking course ASAP. Please send details.

  14. Garfield King says:

    Thanks for your interest and enquiry. I will contact you via your email shortly. Regards Garfield

  15. Russel says:

    Very much interested,from South please give me contact.

  16. Garfield King says:

    Hello Russel, thanks for your interest. I will contact you via your email shortly. Regards Garfield

  17. Claire says:

    Hi, do you have any voice training (speech) courses?

  18. Garfield King says:

    Hello Claire, thanks for stopping by. Courses in public speaking, presentation skills and communication are available and expected to begin in March. I will contact you shortly via your email.

  19. shema says:

    Would you be having any summer courses for kids around 12yrs in San Fernando

  20. Garfield King says:

    Hello Shema, Thanks for your enquiry. There have been a number of requests for such courses.
    I am exploring the possibilities. I have sent you an email.

  21. Navin says:

    Hello, I have a fear in public speaking and presentation skills, I need help. Would like to get information of where the location of the school is and a contact number. I’ve seen you have Inter-Personal Communication, Meditation, Personal Development would give a try. Thanks

  22. Garfield King says:

    Hello Navin, appreciate you stopping by and posting your enquiry. I conduct training for a number of organisations. Introductory Courses will resume in mid April in Central, North and South Trinidad. I will email you directly with more information.
    Cheers. Garfield

  23. ANIL says:

    Hello I have fear in public speaking and presentation skills
    Is there any way you could give me some assistance or do you do personal development skills for individuals
    I’m from Deep South

  24. Garfield King says:

    Anil, appreciate you posting your enquiry. Yes I do conduct personal development skills training, with the focus on communication. I will email you directly with more info. Regards, Garfield

  25. Linda says:

    I have a great fear of public speaking, communication and interview skills. I would like to overcome that fear. Please Help!

  26. Camille says:

    I would like to be informed of the details of public speaking sessions held in Kingston, Jamaica. I have great interest in improving my communications skills.

  27. Garfield King says:

    Hello Linda, I’ll email you some info.

  28. Garfield King says:

    Hello Camille, thanks for getting in touch. At this time classes are in Trinidad and Tobago. I will be organising some online classes in the future.

  29. Janelle Skinner says:

    Hello Garfield, I am interested in your public speaking course, however I am based in Barbados, Please let me know the possibility of such.

  30. Garfield King says:

    Hello Janelle, thanks for your enquiry. I sometimes conduct online training. I’ll contact you via your email with more info.

  31. Nicolette says:

    HI. I would like to get into radio broadcasting. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you

  32. Garfield King says:

    Hello Nicolette. You didn’t indicate what country you are in. If T&T check out Institute of Broadcasting Careers They have a number of training courses that could help.

  33. Rinisse Lord says:

    HI I am interested in doing a public speaking course when would your next Public Speaking course in Trinidad be?

  34. Garfield King says:

    Hello, thanks for getting in touch. An introductory course starts in Arima this afternoon (September 30). Short notice indeed. There’s the possibility of a course in either San Fernando or Port of Spain before the end of the year. I’ll email you tomorrow with some info. All the best.

  35. Dion Kern Honore says:

    Hi good day,

    I trust all is well, my situation is similar to others, fear of public speaking and wanting to improve presentation skills.

    Reason being, the environment I work in often requires updating executives on projects in the form of presentations. Now even though I have been working with the team the element of nervousness still exist.

    Additionally I am studying and hunting for managerial positions which will involve several presentations not only to the public but to officials.

    Thus I am seeking assistance in developing the art of public speaking and presentations.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Dion Honore

  36. Garfield King says:

    Hello Dion,
    Thanks for getting in touch. I have replied to you via your personal email.
    Best regards

  37. Kentra says:

    Hi i am interested in the public speaking course can you email me more information

  38. Garfield King says:

    Hello Kentra, thanks for your interest. I will certainly email you some info. Best regards.

  39. Rucine says:

    Hi good day i am interested in the public speaking course for next year in south trinidad can you email me more information

  40. Garfield King says:

    Hello Rucine, thanks for stopping by. I will email you some info shortly. Cheers.

  41. Paul says:

    I am from Port of Spain and would also like some information on your course.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. Garfield King says:

    Hello Paul
    Sure, will email you some info in a day or two.
    All the best for the Season.

  43. Sharon Bailey says:

    Good day,

    I am interested in your public speaking course. Can you email me some information regarding the classes in south?
    Thank you

  44. Garfield King says:

    Happy New Year to you Sharon.
    Thanks for your enquiry. I’ll email you some info.
    Best regards

  45. Anjuma says:

    I thought by now I would have improve my public speaking after two years in UWI but I still get very nervous when presenting I forgets what I have to say, its affects my voice. Thought I would get over it by now. I
    am a third year Uwi student hoping to graduate this year. Lives in South and requires assistance.

  46. Garfield King says:

    Hello there Anjuma, your timing is great. A new round of courses starts on February 15th. The schedule includes San Fernando. I’ll email you some info.

  47. Ellese says:

    Hi I’m very interested in starting ASAP. Did I miss a deadline?

  48. Garfield King says:

    Hello Ellese, thanks for your interest. Classes started in Port of Spain, Arima and San Fernando three weeks ago. Another round is expected to get under-way in June. I’ll keep you updated.

  49. Asha Pompey says:

    Pleasant good morning I am interested in doing a public speaking course could I have some more information about your program..


  50. Garfield King says:

    Hello Asha, will email you some info. Thanks for your enquiry.

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