Training, Presenting & Coaching

Our training is designed to work from the inside out. We have seen that such an approach enables an individual to develop skills that enhance interpersonal communication in the workplace and in personal life.

We use an effective combination of proven broadcast training, video reviews, experiential learning, Appreciative Inquiry, Technologies of Participation and theatrical techniques, along with a down to earth business-focused approach to help participants develop skills that could last a lifetime.

Individual Customised Communication Coaching is also an option
This type of interaction helps you to express yourself and communicate at your best, whether for day-to-day purposes, to improve your presentation skills or in preparation for a keynote event.

57 Responses to Training, Presenting & Coaching

  1. Asha Pompey says:

    Could I get some information on when is the starting date for your next upcoming class please….

  2. Leon says:

    Hi Garfield,
    when will the next course be in san fernando?

  3. Garfield King says:

    Hello Leon, only last week we wrapped up a course in San Fernando. The date for the next round has not yet been confirmed. However, I will keep you updated.
    All the best

  4. Paul A. Jules III says:


    I would love to do what you do. I have some experience and training. Would you be willing to be my Mentor?


  5. Garfield King says:

    Hello Paul, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll email you.
    Best regards

  6. Karlene says:

    Hi Mr Garfield I really am interest in this course .please can you tell me when is your next course

  7. Garfield King says:

    Seasons Greetings.
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    Course dates have yet to be finalised for late January / February. I will email you info when dates and venues are confirmed.

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