You are a Motivational Speaker

When I am invited to speak at an event I am often introduced as an independent radio producer and motivational speaker. I’m okay with the first part, but motivational speaker… What’s that? I once told a host I will accept the title if he accepts it for himself.

We are all motivational speakers. Check it. Haven’t you found yourself in a cloudy frame of mind and someone, even a person you didn’t know, said a few words that trigged an ah-ha moment, a moment of clarity that helped you get back on track?

Or you’re in a meeting, something is said and a switch flicks on to help you see more clearly. Perhaps something a child says or a story told by a senior. All this speaking has the potential to motivate.

And what about when you speak to others? You may never know how many people you have positively impacted with your words.

If you keep your ears and mind open you will likely realise that we are all motivational speakers.

Who are you going to motivate today?

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