The best investment I have made towards my personal development

Before I joined the ‘SPARKS’ Public Speaking class, I was anxious when I had to speak in formal settings to the point that I would forget what I wanted to say.

One aspect of the SPARKS class that I liked was the practicality of the class in which I had to give presentations in every class session. I then realised that this practise was the key to being better in public speaking.

With each consecutive presentation, I felt at ease when sharing my stories to others. The advice and class presentations tutored by Barbara and Garfield helped me tremendously to face my challenges head-on and thus lead me to be a better speaker. I am now confident when it comes to speaking in a formal setting and any other setting, and I will now even volunteer myself to speak; something that I would have never done before SPARKS!

This was the best investment I have made towards my personal development; being a part of the SPARKS February 2020 class!!!

A true game changer

This is an investment of a lifetime, guaranteed returns forever. You will never open your mouth to speak ever again without true consideration and appreciation for those with whom you are communicating.

You will leave this course, not only as a certified public speaker but with the added bonus of always being conscious of the power and value your words have in them if executed properly. I fully endorse this course.

A true game changer!

Directly beneficial to my work and has improved my skills

Although the programme was about public speaking, it had a bigger benefit for me by sharpening my oral and writing communication skills, learning what details are irrelevant for the audience and hence making my message clearer and actionable.

Six months later I can attest that the programme was directly beneficial to my work and has improved my skills as a public servant.

Thank you!

I feel empowered and I want to share this experience with others

It was indeed a divine and absolutely rewarding experience being taught by you on how to be an effective communicator.

Thank you for being honest and very patient with me as well as tremendously encouraging. Also as a future music educator, I believe this course has helped me to understand better how to actually share and deliver in detail, the lessons I will have to impart to others. Presently it has already begun to change the way I direct the choir I serve with at church.

Even in my every day encounters with people I am more aware of my body language being more in sync with how I say, what I say.

I know this is just the beginning of such an exciting journey in my life. I feel empowered and I want to share this experience with others. I have always wanted to be a “good message” but did not know how.

I am more conscious of how I speak and the way I express myself

I am thoroughly satisfied that I took the opportunity to invest in myself and did this course which has changed my outlook on public speaking. What I thought was a natural trait turned out to be simply raw talent that needed to be fine-tuned. Now I am more conscious of how I speak and the way I express myself.

Would recommend to beginners as well as a refresher for those familiar with public speaking.

The facilitator, Garfield King was practical in his approach and engaging in the delivery of this course. All the necessary tools were provided, but the true grit of this course was the practice and application of the material provided. One became comfortable with being uncomfortable. One is encouraged to speak about oneself honestly. It was difficult yet humanising. I additionally appreciated the weekly speaking time which was filmed, reviewed and discussed. All the feedback provided was useful and positive.

The Art of Public Speaking is an excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who is uncomfortable with speaking.
I think that persons who are familiar with public speaking should also do this course as it would serve as a great refresher.

More than public speaking

You were an outstanding facilitator and my attitude to everything in life regarding preparation was changed for the better from this course.
This course was not only about public speaking, but more so communication, effective communication. And on the foundation that was prepared for me by you, Mr. King, I will surely build a fantastic house.

Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve communication skills

I have discovered I can openly speak to an audience without feeling timid and I can pronounce my words better when I practice breathing. I have to continue to open my mouth as well. The different tongue exercises were interesting. I continue to practice my exercises and try to avoid doing hand signals because it can really be distracting.
You have taught me a lot. I do not regret doing this course.
I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their communication skills take this course.
Thank you for helping me gain my confidence Mr Garfield.

My ideas are more structured. The opening lines to my speeches are more memorable than ever before

Do you know what it feels like to have something important to say but not the right words to get your message heard?  That’s me. Disappointed by the status quo yet appreciative of those who are already trying to change it, I’m finding my voice. I want to be included in the discussions at the top.  That’s all seeming possible now with Garfield’s help. I feel more confident in my choice of words.  Comfortable giving pause as I think.  And forgiving myself when I stumble – I am after all still a learner. 

What can I say about Garfield and his work with me? I feel bolder each time we speak.  My ideas are more structured.  And the opening lines to my speeches are more memorable than ever before, so much so that a member of my audience said she’d be using my line in her next talk!