Magnificently tailored sessions

If you are looking for a genuine lecturer who is knowledgeable, positive, patient, attentive, motivational and experienced in their field this is a one stop shop.

The sessions are magnificently tailored to bring out your true abilities, incorporating various communication strategies and techniques for an effective mind blowing heartfelt audience experience!

Definitely signing up for the advanced then leadership sessions, please God!

This course has been a blessing to me

I have learnt from the course that whether I am speaking to 1 or 100 persons I am having a conversation with them and what hooks them is a true story that they can relate to. Also, whenever I am feeling fearful, I try to remember that fear is feeling excited and ready. Thank you for helping me build my self-esteem and confidence.

Making people the best communicators they can be

Garfield transformed the way I communicate with people. His focus on developing me, to be the best communicator I could possibly be, did wonders for my confidence. His message of authentic communication and that people really want to see and hear from you, the you on the inside and not a projected image of who you are, put me at ease.
Garfield has taught me techniques to connect with people, how to listen compassionately, and to focus on the audience. But best of all, he has turned this shy, introvert into someone who can confidently walk into a room and strike up a conversation with a stranger!

This course is a life changer!

Mr King created an environment that recognized each person as having their own unique contribution to make to the world. I felt comfortable making mistakes as it all added value to my learning experience. His practical approach and real life examples were priceless. I would recommend Mr King without reservation as one of the best public speaking coaches in his field.

Skills in public speaking with simultaneous personal development

The public speaking course offered at IBC and facilitated by Mr. Garfield King, definitely surpassed my expectations. My goal to develop pertinent skills in public speaking was additionally enhanced by Mr. King’s hands-on approach and insightful critique. The classes were interactive and very interesting.  I would recommend this course for anyone desirous of acquiring skills in public speaking with simultaneous personal development.

Has paid so many dividends already

Your class has paid so many dividends already. I gave the message in church Sunday gone and I have gotten such great reactions from members of my congregation. They’ve all commented that my messages have gotten better and that I am connecting in an even greater way now than I have been in the past. This is due in no small part to the training I received with you. I keep working on and employing the techniques I learnt, and it has worked wonders. So far so good and I am happy with the progress I have made.

Boost of confidence

I would like to thank you for imparting a lot of useful communication tips with me and helping me to boost my confidence in public speaking.
Once again, thank you for imparting to us those useful tips and techniques which will assist us all in becoming more effective communicators.

Doing wonders for me

Thanks for your advice. Boy the class really doing wonders for me. My approach has changed. I am in control when I am on stage. Thank you.

The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable

This public speaking course was most informative and helped me discover the personal areas that I needed to work on. The instructor is attentive and very knowledgeable and freely shares his wisdom and expertise and provides positive reinforcement. He offers tips, techniques, and exercises that have been extremely beneficial in improving my speaking skills and overall interaction with others.

A wonderful experience

Thanks so much for all your assistance, suggestions and advice. The course was a wonderful experience. You are a great teacher. I have started using some of your ideas in my presentations. Good luck in all your future endeavours.