Being flexible allows you to adjust without breaking

Being able to stick to your plan is a good quality. But sometimes we can take it to extremes. We define a target and then set off down the road determined to do it the way we want to do it, no other way is right, everything and everyone else is wrong.

Maybe they are. But you know life, the universe, creation … they are all so much bigger than we are.

While we may be correct about the destination, we often need to be flexible about the route, because we cannot predict every occurrence on the journey.

When you can be flexible and open to events, your vision is not distorted by your prejudice. You can see what is there rather than what you think should be there.

Then you can adjust, maybe even plan a detour using an alternative route, all the while enjoying the journey as you make progress toward your goal.

Being flexible allows you to take advantage of the changes beyond your control so you can bend without breaking. 

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