Can you make the change work to your advantage

Some years ago, as part of a bigger plan, I conducted a few training sessions at a company undergoing major change.

A few employees were not happy having to learn a whole lot of new stuff they believed to be unnecessary. They demonstrated their opposition by not attending the training.

Well, the new plans went ahead. Those who skipped the training found they could not function effectively under the new systems; they did not have the training. Some were later relived of their duties.

Most humans don’t like change, especially when we are forced to change. But we are not powerless, far from it. What we can do is choose how we respond to the change.

We can swear and complain, feel sorry for ourselves. Or we can research information about the change. If it’s inevitable, we can invest our energy in figuring out how to adapt and make the change work to our advantage.

We know things don’t always go our way, but there’s almost always something (even a little something) we can do to make things better.




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