How do you claim independence?

s ibisWhile we are happy to get some help from others now and then, we all appreciate independence.

Most people like to know they can help themselves. Life has proved to us that there are very few people on whom we can depend. But life has also shown us that no one is an island. We have to take and give assistance.

Could it be that true independence is being in control of yourself and your habits? If it is, then independence could enable us to break free of those thoughts, words and actions of others that may negatively impact our lives. We may even be able to free ourselves from the slavery to material things.

In today’s world it is easy to be seduced by the promises of an easy life that can be ours without having to make any real effort. There is the “have it now pay later” mentality. What we often forget is that later comes with a heavy price tag.

Systems are set up to keep us tied to the idea that possessions are everything; that our value is linked to how we look and how much stuff we have. With that mindset, can we really claim independence?

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