Humour works on so many levels

Some people take life so seriously they’re not able to see the natural humour and joy in what sometimes appear to be hopeless situations.

Students in my training sessions are often surprised with the laughter that accompanies the learning. I tell them that I enjoy what I do and am genuinely happy in sharing what I have learnt. Plus, learning often goes down easier when it’s fun.

A sense of humour is vital to all aspects of life. It doesn’t always involve laughing or being funny, but reflects an acceptance of life in all its weirdness. And you know things can get pretty weird at times.

We all seek out humour and laughter because it’s the one natural cure always available to us for removing boredom, depression or even panic. Laughs are free and don’t require a prescription from a doctor.

Have you laughed at some of your silly little mistakes recently? Try it. It will help you to lighten up and see things more clearly.

It makes good sense to develop and maintain a sense of humour.

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