Now we know we can make a difference

We’ve been presented with a massive challenge.

We have also been provided with a number of simple strategies that can help us reduce the risk of being infected with this virus.

It calls for a lot of change. Change is easier to handle when we absorb it in small doses. But we’ve been thrust into widespread change on multiple levels at great speed.

We’ve been shown that each one of us is important in the effort to reduce the spread of this virus. Each one has personal responsibility. Small regular personal actions can protect us, our families and possibly the country.

We used to think, “I’m just one person. I can’t make much of a difference.”

We now see that every person can and will make a difference. Either a negative one by being irresponsible, or a positive one by acting responsibly and following some simple guidelines.

Appreciate your value – make a positive difference.



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